Shing-class Super Brown Sugar (9KG/Carton)

Shing Nan Handmade Brown Sugar❤
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This is manually fried sugar in the 
traditional process, using highest
grade raw materials, with no additives 
and preservatives. Ideal for seasoning 
in baked and beverage items with 
brown sugar.







Product Description:
(1) Ingredients: Sugar, sugar syrup.
(2) Weight: 450g.
(3) Nutritional information: Please refer to the product packaging.
(4) Serving suggestions:
Black sugar water: Dissolve in hot water to make a drink.
Black sugar milk: Dissolve an appropriate amount of black sugar powder in hot water, then add fresh milk and enjoy.
Black sugar tapioca pearls: Add black sugar powder according to personal taste while cooking tapioca pearls.
Black sugar yogurt: For yogurt lovers, add a little black sugar powder to plain yogurt, stir well to combine the slightly sour and sweet flavors perfectly!
Other baking desserts: Various applications such as black sugar steamed buns, black sugar cakes, black sugar cookies, etc.
(5) Shelf life: 18 months.
(6) Origin: Manufactured in Taiwan, Shing Nan Sugar Factory Co., Ltd. (No. 44, Zhongkeng Village, Nanhu District, Tainan).

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